“Bella Ciao” becomes the symbol of the fight of LGBT + community for IDAHOBIT. 200 singers against all discrimination.

Press release

On the occasion of IDAHOBIT 2020 Cromatica – National Association of Rainbow Choirs, creates a large virtual choir singing “Bella Ciao”. The song sung by the Chromatic Chorus is a symbol of anti-fascism which is a reference value, sanctioned by the Italian Constitution, to affirm the rights and fight all discrimination including those against the LGBT + community.

According to the 2020 Rainbow Map by ILGA Europe, Italy ranks 35th out of 49: it is the last of the great western countries in terms of measures and policies for fighting discrimination against LGBT + community.

“The message we want to send – says Vincenzo Vincenzi (Chromatic Association) – is that even more today, in a time of serious uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, it is necessary that politics and institutions of our country take a position against homophobia , lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersexphobia and finally implement effective measures and concrete policies against any discrimination towards LGBT + community. Ours is an invitation to stay on the right side of history, against all discrimination, an invitation that starts from the Chromatic Chorus constituted for the opportunity for 200 singers who have decided to participate from all over Italy and beyond “

The video created by Cromatica sees the participation of the 13 Italian rainbow choirs of Cromatica: Stranivari – Terni, Roma Rainbow Choir and Parruccoro – Roma, RicchiToni – Bari, Qoro, il coro con la Q – Torino, Omphalos Voices – Perugia, Komos, coro LGBT di Bologna, Checcoro, Diversa Vox and The Good News Female Gospel Choir – Milano, Fuori dal Coro – Bergamo, Choreos – Firenze, Canone inverso – Padova. The project also received contributions from singers from other rainbow choirs also from abroad: London Gay Men’s Chorus and Pink Singers from London, Les Genevoix from Ginevra, Sing Out Brussels from Bruxelles, Tone Cluser – quite a queer choir from Ottawa , Doremix from Bari, and Sing! Men’s Chorus from Singapore.

Vincenzo Vincenzi continues: “the scheduling of the bill against homotransphobia announced for next July in the Chamber of Deputies (a branch of the Italian parliament) has to start a season of attention to the rights of all the people. Legislative interventions are also needed on the ban on conversion therapy of sexual orientation and gender identity, on the cessation of cosmetic interventions for sexual adaptation for intersex people with the aim of attributing a gender from early childhood regardless of self-determination of the person, the streamlining of the transition procedures towards the elective gender for transgender people, and legislation that contrasts hate crimes”.

“Social distancing we are experiencing during Covid 19 pandemic will not undermine the demands of LGBT + community, we continue to give voice to our requests, to convey a message of resistance and liberation and to assert our rights, first of all, to exist and be visible”.

Ufficio Stampa Cromatica – Associazione Nazionale Cori Arcobaleno


16th May 2020