Danyel Lima’s “Atisbo” wins 2020 Komos Choral Competition

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2020 edition

Komos International Choral Composition Competition. Danyel Lima wins the 7th edition with “Atisbo”: a song with a sweet and captivating style that promotes LGBTQI themes

Venezuelan composer Danyel Lima, with his Atisbo, is the winner of the 7th edition of the LGBT themed International Choral Competition organized by Komos, the LGBT Choir of Bologna (Italy). As of the deadline of the 15th of February 2021, 18 compositions have been received: many were from Italian composers, but others came from Denmark, USA, United Kingdom and Venezuela. The International Choral Composition Competition was created to promote and disseminate contemporary musical creativity and LGBTQI+ culture and is organized with the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna and is included in the “General collaboration agreement for the promotion and protection of the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in City of Bologna “. Partners of the competition are AERCO (Emilia-Romagna Choirs Association), Cromatica (rainbow choirs Italian national association) and AltrEdizioni music publishing house.


”From the very first notes the piece is captivating. It develops in an elegant way accompanying a beautiful poetic text with grace and lightness. The harmonies, always measured, provide fleeting visions of beauty, leaving the viewer with the constant desire to continue listening. In a sweet and alluring style, perfect for a choir of male voices”: this is how Michele Pirani, Komos music director, describes the winning composition Atisbo.

The composer

Venezuelan composer Danyel Lima is a multifaceted musician, conductor and choir conductor. Atisbo, the winning composition, is based on an original text by Raúl González written specifically for the Competition.

“In these difficult times due to the pandemic, keeping musical creativity alive is a task that Komos does not want to cease,” said Nicola Mainardi, president of the Komos APS association. “Indeed, today Komos wants to relaunch its social mission of raising awareness of LGBTQI+ issues through the universal instrument of music”. It is also worth to remember Various Voices, the main European LGBTQI+ choral festival of LEGATO (the European Association of LGBTQI+ choirs) which Komos, in partnership with the Municipality of Bologna, with the Department of Equal Opportunities and Gender Differences, LGBT rights, contrast to discrimination, with Bologna Convention Bureau, Cromatica, Planning and Housatonic will bring to Bologna between 14 and 18 June 2023. “It will be the first Italian edition of Various Voices”, explains Mainardi, “and we will do everything to make it unforgettable.

Komos competition

“Unfortunately, the restrictions on live performances to contain the coronavirus prevent us from being able to fix the occasion to celebrate the award ceremony and the premiere of the piece,” adds Marco Boscolo, head of the International Composition Competition for Komos. “We hope to be able to sing it soon, together with the winning piece of the 2019 edition – Nothing and Everything by the British composer Jack White. Komos does not intend to give up and as soon as conditions allow it we will organize a great evening to celebrate the two artists, perform their songs and carry on our message of inclusion through music”.

The Komos International Choral Composition Competition, now in its seventh edition, is aimed at composers from all over the world and aims to expand the repertoire for choir of male voices by giving space to the variety of musical talents from all cultural backgrounds. The Competition is part of the international LGBTQI+ choral movement that has used music and art to spread the culture of inclusion and civil rights since the 1970s. For this reason, in addition to the beauty of the music, the Competition gives great importance to the lyrics: they can be original or not, but they must express the values of inclusion, acceptance and beauty of the LGBTQI+ world. Over the years, the Competition has seen international participation grow and in 2020, for the first time, a Latin American composer wins.

Bologna, 12 April 2021

Text of “Atisboby Danyel Lima

original text
 Juegas siempre a ser amado,
Cuánto atisbo habrá en tu piel,
Traes alma de tornado,
Buscas amo, novel fiel.
Cuatro lustros de distancia,
Pecho a pecho en la pasión,
Poseerte en mi fragancia,
Prisionero de mi voz.
Y de sudor fuiste mi aurora
con el abrigo de tu tez,
Abrazaste hora a hora
al ocaso tu estrechez.
¡Eres mío!, me susurras,
con mirada de bondad.
El atisbo de locura,
No es atisbo, es verdad.
Italian translation
 Giochi sempre ad essere amato,
quante tracce ci saranno nella tua pelle?
porti con te un’anima di tornado,
cerchi un padrone novello fedele
Quattro lustri di distanza, 
petto a petto nella passione,
Ti ho nel mio profumo,
prigioniero della mia voce.
E di sudore fu la mia aurora 
avvolto nella tua pelle.
Abbracciasti ora dopo ora 
la tua ritrosia.
Sei mio! Mi sussurri, 
con uno sguardo di bontà. 
Un barlume di follia. 
Non è un barlume, è la verità!

English translation
You always play at being loved,
How much of a glimpse there is on your skin,
You bring the soul of a tornado,
You seek a master, faithful novel.
Two decades away,
Chest to chest in passion,
To possess you in my fragrance,
prisoner of my desire.
And of sweat you were my dawn
With the coat of your skin,
You embraced hour by hour
to the sunset your narrowness.
"You’re mine," you whisper to me,
With kindness in your eyes.
The glimpse of madness,
It’s not a glimpse, it's the truth.