Cromatica Festival 2016 – Milan

The second edition was held from 20-22 May 2016 in Milan by the Checcoro Association. The Gran Gala was held on Saturday 21 May at the Auditorium in Milan with the performance of the Italian LGBT * choirs, presented by Romina Falconi and Andrea Pinna, with the extraordinary participation of Lella Costa and the children’s choir of the Rainbow Families.

The Italian LGBT * choirs participating in the second edition were: Komos (Bologna), Checcoro (Milan), CorACor (Naples), The Good News Female Gospel Choir (Milan), Rome Rainbow Choir (Rome), Canone Inverso (Padua), Parruccoro (Rome), Omphalos Voices (Perugia), Qoro (Turin). The choir of the LGBT deaf group Mani Incantate (Milan) and the children’s choir of the Rainbow Family Sons of the Rainbow (Milan) also participated.

Posters of Cromatica Festival 2016