Various Voices Italy Tour 2023 – MILAN


Per condividere:
Come sing in Italy’s most cosmopolitan and queerest city! The Good News Female Gospel Choir and Checcoro (LGBT+ choir) are happy to welcome Various Voices international guests in the city of fashion and design, also in the city of great food, diversity and good fun.


Hosting choirs: Checcoro and The Good News Female Gospel Choir

Event program

First day – 12 June 2023

Morning: Arrival and accommodation in Hotel / BB
Afternoon: sound check
Evening: Choral performance (venue to be confirmed among:Teatro Leonardo, Auditorium Enzo Baldoni)

Second day – 13 June 2023

Evening: Socializing and meeting with local choirs and guest choirs Aperitivo in the numerous friendly bars of the area Each choir sings about 3 songs

Hospitality and operational information

Through the Milan Convention Bureau, guides to sightseeing will likely be available.


Some members of Checcoro and The Good News FGC are available to host outside choristers. Number of beds to be determined. Number of beds to be determined.

In addition, the Milan convention bureau will provide us with some conventions with 4 star hotels.

Local choirs will try to get discounts with some restaurant / bar in Milan for VV guests.

Various Voices Italy Tour