LGBT+ Chori from Bari
City: Bari
Foundation: 20190101

The choir

The DoReMiXED choir was born as a choral project within the MiXED lgbti association (Independent Movement X Equal Rights) of Bari in May 2019. The choir, made up of activists, believes that the union of voices is a powerful way to fight against all forms of discrimination, raise awareness on LGBTQIA + issues and make information through music.

Curriculum vitae of the choir

The DoReMiXED choir debuts at Bari Pride 2019.
In the same year, on the occasion of the TDoR, the choir performed during a commemorative torchlight procession for the victims of transphobia and later held a concert at La Taverna del Maltese in Bari in an evening of readings and live music.
During the Christmas period he performs at the Bari Centrale station, for the Bread & Roses mutual aid space and at the Zona Franka social space. Following the restrictions envisaged for the Covid19 pandemic, the choir does not stop and makes several video montages of songs recorded at home.
In summer 2020 he returns to perform in presence in the event “The voice of pride” in memory of Sarah Hijazi.
For TDoR 2020, due to the restrictions set by the dpcm, participate in the virtual torchlight procession for the victims of transphobia by projecting a video made for the occasion.
Subsequently, on the occasion of the international day against homolesbobitransphobia 2021, the choir makes another video montage.
In October 2021, DoReMiXED will perform during the vernissage of Laura Scalera’s painting exhibition “FREE – Portraits and representations of women capable of freedom”, an event by Bari Pride.
The choir’s repertoire, constantly updated, is based on a targeted choice of representative songs for the LGBTQIA + community and ranges from Cyndi Lauper to Kelly Clarkson, from Queen to Bronski Beat.


The directors of DoReMixed are Alice Frappampina, and Patrizia Adamo.

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