LGBT+ Choir from Rome
Città: Rome
Fondazione: 20130101
Tipo: SATB
Componenti: 18

The choir

Founded in Rome, the “Parruccoro” has existed since September 2013 and takes its name from the place where the first meetings took place, ie a hairdresser’s shop. As a repertoire, it combines pieces of the medieval and Renaissance classical tradition (sacred and profane), with pop music pieces, harmonized with 4 voices. The choir has been a member of “Cromatica – Associazione Nazionale Cori Arconbaleno” since its inception and has participated in the various editions of “Cromatica Festival”, the review of Italian LGBT * choirs. The teacher is Luca Pellegrini, conductor with 40 years of choral activity behind him.

Curriculum vitae of the choir

Il Parruccoro participated, among others, in May 2015 in the first edition of the “Cromatica” Italian LGBT * Choir Festival held in Bologna and, in the following year, in the second edition held in Milan. In October 2016 he took part in the solidarity concert in favor of the community of Amatrice and the populations of central Italy affected by the earthquake, together with the Polyphonic Choir Musica Creator directed by Mo. Laura Gogiashvili. Always together with the polyphonic choir “Musica Crerator” he participated in numerous Christmas and thematic concerts, including a participation in sung mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican in January 2017. The choral ensemble has also participated in performances together with the Aureliano Female CorAle and the Meridies Choir as in the concert “Good evening, Mother Mary” in memory of Quartina Lucchetti (1910 – 1984). Among other things, there is also the participation in the second edition of the “Latina Lazio Pride” held in the summer of 2017, the participation, as part of “I solisti del teatro 2017 – XXIV edition” at the gardens of the Filarmonica in Rome , at the Giovanni Amodeo show / concert “Tutti mie”. More recently, in 2018, together with the Roma Rainbow Choir in Rome, Parruccoro also took part in the review of events in the context of the XII edition of “Amor Vincit Omnia” – Rainbow music against AIDS – launched on the occasion of the world day on December 1st.

The director

Luca Pellegrini has a degree in literature and a screenwriter at the CSC, he was assistant director to Liliana Cavani (Where are you? Io sono qui, 1992) and screenplay reader for Stefano Munafò (Rai-Cinemafiction) before devoting himself mainly to writing. He wrote with M.T. Sold the feature film Quattro in amore, winner of the R.C.B.A.C. You wrote for the soap operas Un posto al sole, Vivere and Centovetrine (from 1999 until 2015). For the theater, he wrote the play Edward, in collaboration with M. Abatantuono and M.T. Venditti (Brancaccino Theater – ex Morgana – Rome, 2005) and for the radio the program Who is normal raise your hand (2013). He published the novel Il cuore semper (2016) for the publishing house L’Erudita. As a director he made the documentary Being Divine (2018), currently in cinemas. He also held lessons on dialogue at the Mediatrade School of Fiction (2005) and scriptwriting and film language lessons in some high schools in Rome (2017). Since 2018 he has been teaching screenwriting at the RFA – Roma Film Academy. He currently works as a screenwriter for the third season of “Il Paradiso delle Signore – daily” (2019). Since 2013 he has been the director of Parruccoro, a lgbt choir in Rome. He has 40 years of choral activity behind him, first in the Aureliano choir, then in the Meridies choir. He studied singing with the mezzo-soprano Rita Stocchi. In 2015 he attended a choral conducting course with Maestro Mauro Marchetti.

Parruccoro’s events

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