Qoro, the chorus with the Q

LGBTQIAPE+ Choir of Turin
Città: Turin
Fondazione: 20140101
Tipo: SATB
Componenti: 25

The choir

Il Qoro con la Q is the first LGBTQIAE choir in Turin, born in 2014 by the will of its tenacious director, Davide Caltabiano. To those who ask what the E stands for in the acronym, the director proudly replies: “Gli Etero!”, Proof of the values of hospitality and social inclusion that the Qoro has adopted since the beginning. Their repertoire is decidedly varied: from Queen to seventeenth-century music, from Trio Lescano to Whitney Houston. The mission of the “Qorists” is the defense of the rights of all minorities, LGBT * but not only.

Curriculum vitae of the choir

Since 2016 they have participated in the “What a festival!” in Genoa, an event organized by the local association, Music for Peace, to raise awareness on the Palestinian question (and wars in general). In Turin and the Province they sang in various realities of local historical associations, such as the Circolo Maurice GLBTQ, or newborns, such as Arcigay – Casa Arcobaleno, and in cultural centers operating in the area, such as Cascina Roccafranca and the Casa del Quartiere di San Salvario, in whose premises since 2018 they have begun to hold rehearsals. Furthermore, since June 2017, they have a fixed appointment with the Turin Music Festival, a very popular event, which winds through the streets and squares of the Savoy city. Finally, they are very proud to tell everyone that they enthusiastically participated in the last two editions of Cromatica Festival, in Milan and Naples, before Perugia 2019.

The director

Davide Caltabiano was born in Turin on April 12, 1989. He obtained the B Certification of “Theory and Solfeggio”, attended the three-year course in Choral Conducting “Fosco Corti” and studied Piano for 5 years with M. Barbara Brulc, an activity also included in an orchestral project for children and teenagers, at the Officina Musikè association. Since 2013 he has been teaching in curricular projects of musical teaching, propaedeutics and school choir at various music associations. Currently she sings in the VoxViva youth choir of M. Dario Piumatti, since its foundation in 2012, with the role of vice-director. With this formation, the Vox Viva choir received 1st prize at the Mainhausen International Choral Competition and several other national and regional awards. He also sang for 7 years in the G Choir of M. Carlo Pavese, of which he followed some lessons in choral conducting in preparation for the activity “Adopt a choir”, in which a team of singers formed a choir with some students of the Lyceum “Volta” of Turin. He is the founder and director of Qoro, the LGBTQIAE choir of Turin, since 2014.

The events of Qoro

Mail: qorotorino@gmail.com

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