LGBT+ e friendly Choir from Rome
Città: Rome
Fondazione: 20190101
Tipo: SATB
Componenti: 18

The choir

SinCoro LGBT and Friendly is affiliated with the headquarters of the Gay Center in the Testaccio area of Rome. It was born in 2019 thanks to a strong associative drive of Arcigay Roma with Francesco Angeli and Sonia Minnozzi, who made their experiences available both on the managerial side and on the thirty-year polyphonic musical militancy within different choirs. SinCoro is in a phase of growth and continuous training, currently it is made up of members of heterogeneous ages, united by a passion for music and motivated to offer their contribution to LGBT + issues.

Curriculum vitae of the choir

SinCoro boasts the first performance on the occasion of the commemorative day of TDOR 2019, dedicating the song by L. Cohen Hallelujah to trans victims. The repertoire then expanded, between pop music and great classics: “The Show Must Go On”, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. During the pandemic, forced into isolation, SinCoro did not give up putting together the voices of its members and virtually performed on numerous social channels with “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, to spread closeness to the LGBT + community forced to live the LockDown in familiar contexts that are not always welcoming. He concludes the complex experience of remote choral study with “My free song” as a sign of freedom and emotional affectivity.

Having resumed the possibility of rehearsing in presence, the SinCoro welcomes the arrival of Maestro Maria Carolina Luzzo with whom she constantly studies vocality and metrics with determination, fun and sharing, which are among the key words of the SinCoro. For WAD 2021 SinCoro performed again with a new arrangement of “Hallelujah” and an energetic “Hit the road Jack!”. SinCoro wishes to refine vocal techniques and knowledge of music, in order to give the right emphasis to the songs chosen primarily dedicated to LGBT + issues that are dear to them.

The Director

Maria Carolina Luzzo, teacher of classical piano, of singing and last but not least of kindergarten, has always had a strong passion for teaching and music. He obtained a diploma in piano at the “F. Torrefranca” conservatory in Vibo Valentia and a master’s degree in music and musical heritage. He has been singing as a contralto in the “Vocal ensemble” for 7 years and is the lead voice of two blues bands, a jazz one and a swing and soft blues trio, all from the Roman scene. Since September 2019 he has directed the SinCoro with the perseverance and determination necessary to grow a young choir.


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