Fuori dal Coro

Queer Choir from Bergamo
Città: Bergamo
Fondazione: 20160101
Tipo: SATB
Componenti: 24

The choir

Outside the Choir is a space of inclusion and cultural integration where diversity and mutual respect are a value. Through music and collective singing Fuori dal Coro supports the right of every person to the freedom to openly express their self beyond their sexual and emotional orientation, their gender identity, the static and immutable categories in which society and culture they tend to classify people. In the choir the voice of each person integrates and completes itself with the others creating harmony, all and all are necessary and contribute to a final result that is always more than the sum of each single contribution. The repertoire draws on modern and contemporary Italian and foreign pop music, with particular attention to pieces representative of a queer style. Outside the Choir he adheres to Cromatica (the national association of rainbow choirs) and Legato (the European network of lgbtqi + choirs).

Curriculum vitae of the choir

Fuori dal Coro debuts in public on February 16, 2017 at the InDisparte space in Bergamo on the occasion of a concert by the artist Riki Cellini. On the occasion of 8 March, in collaboration with Non Una di Meno, he makes a video promoting the demonstration against violence against women and participates in the concert in the square both in 2017 and in 2018. In May 2017 and 2018 he participates in the Fourth and Fifth edition of the Orlando Festival (identity, relationships, possibilities) in Bergamo. In June 2018 he participated in an event organized in Lyon by the lgbtqi choir A Voix et a Vapeur in support of the lgbtqi community of the city. In December 2018 he participates in Mediterranea Comfort Concert in collaboration with artists from the city of Bergamo.

The director

Antonio Giammarco undertook classical musical studies at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, and graduated in trumpet. He has developed a passion for choral singing and an aptitude for conducting and arranging developed over the years with ecclesiastical polyphonic choirs, he is a classical and modern composer and arranger.

The vocal coach

Kang Jung Tsai is a graduate of National Taiwan University of Arts Singer, actor, dancer, director, choir director, vocal coach and record producer.

The events of Fuori dal Coro

Mail: fuoridalcorobg@gmail.com

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